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Sexual Health

I have added this page due to the rising number of STD's / STI's in the swinging scene.

The swinging scene for as long as I can remember has been pretty much clear of STD's, but lately due to the increasing numbers of people in the scene the incidence of infection is a growing problem. In the past most people in the scene knew each other before they played, but these days a large proportion of swinging is happening in clubs with complete strangers whose contact details are not collected. This means that should someone find out they have caught an infection they have no way of telling anyone they played that they may have passed the infection on to them, or on to others.

There are lots of myths about STD's this page will deal with some of them.

If any health workers with a knowledge of STD's have the time and the inclination to help me keep this page up to date please get in touch.

Advice on sexual matters can be obtained from these agencies - some are state run, some are charities. Do not be afraid to go along for a check up if you suspect you may have caught something. There is no shame attached to attending a special clinic for a test, there is shame attached to dying needlessly from not taking the time to have a check up. JO and I get checked regularly. Happily so far I have only had NSU's, Jo has been in the clear.

With all infections, remember to go back for the follow up. Failure to do so could mean that the infection is still there - and you could re-infect